Yuhan’s Chinese Dumplings

Today in the Pit Yuhan made Chinese dumplings by hand for her Wake Forest peers. Students thoroughly enjoyed her authentic cooking and were impressed by her culinary talents as well as the history behind dumplings.

Dumplings are an important part of Chinese culture. They unite families around the table throughout the year and especially on the eve of Chinese New Year. Dumplings are as crucial to the Chinese New Year as turkeys for Thanksgiving. The Chinese doctor, Zhongjing Zhang, originally invented dumplings as a means to combat chilblain that affected many of the poor people around him. Zhang invented the dumplings on Chinese New Year’s Eve, which is why he and the dumplings are celebrated each year on the eve of the Chinese New Year.

In Chinese, dumplings are pronounced as “jiaosi” which means “from the Old Year into the New Year” therefore the dumplings symbolize the transition from one year to the next. The shape of the dumplings come from the ancient Chinese currency “Yuanbao”. Eating dumplings allow people to wish “to make more money in the upcoming year.” No, in some regions of Northern China, there is a tradition of wrapping a sanitized coin in a dumpling and whoever eats this dumpling will be the person to have the best fortune in the upcoming year.