We recognize various food allergies and intolerances, and strive to provide consumers with ingredient lists for the foods we use and prepare. We have digital screens that provide calories for each dish as well as displays identifiers for the top eight allergens: egg, milk, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat. Our goal is to ensure confidence in knowing what foods you can safely eat with your specific food allergy or intolerance.


True Balance Station

Wake Forest holds an open house at the new North Dining Hall on Monday, January 13, 2014.

Allergen Guide

We have an Allergen Guide available to students who want a guide to managing their food allergies while on campus and for the rest of their lives. Students with food allergies or nutritionally significant medical conditions (diabetes, Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, anemia, hypertension, hypoglycemia, etc.) can receive nutrition advisement through a private consultation with our Registered Dietitian.

Peanuts: Peanuts are not served in the Pit

Tree Nuts: Tree nuts are excluded from all Pit recipes and our pesto is made in-house and is free of tree nuts.

Milk: Soy milk and lactose-free ice cream are available every day in the dining halls.

Wheat: Everyday, we have gluten-free cereal, bread and pasta, many salad dressings and sauces made without gluten, all deli meats are gluten free and a dessert option made without gluten. We also use gluten-free vegetable, chicken and beef bases when cooking.

Soy: In an effort to decrease the amount of items that contain soy, our chefs cook with a soy-free canola/olive oil chef blend

Egg: Students with an egg allergy are asked to refrain from eating baked goods and encouraged to check ingredient labels of all items they wish to eat.

Fish: Entrees with fish as an ingredient are occasionally on the menu. Students with fish allergies are asked to check the menus and ingredients.

Shellfish: Entrees with shellfish as an ingredient are sometimes on the menu. Students with shellfish allergies are asked to check the menus and ingredients.

*Please be advised that we prepare our foods in commercial kitchens where cross-contact with food allergens is possible and where ingredient substitutions and recipe revisions are sometimes made. In addition, manufacturers of commercial foods we use may change their product formulation or consistency of ingredients at any time without notice. Accordingly, actual ingredients and nutritional content may vary and we cannot guarantee that any food item will be completely free of food allergens. To the extent you have any questions regarding ingredients of a particular food item, please consult with the dining manager on duty or contact our Registered Dietitian.